about me ( are you truuls ? )

Hi, i’m develop database applications over 20 years. I’m come from Dbase, Clipper, Delphi, C# to Java. My favorite Web 2.0 framework is the ZK framework.

ZK is a powerful component based and event driven RIA (rich internet application) framework working as frontend in Web applications. In connection with synergetic java frameworks like hibernate, spring, spring-security, spring-aop, spring-transaction, jasperReports there can be developed powerful, secure and scalable browser based applications.
As an active zk contributor (‘TerryTornado’) and when time permits i will write here in my blog about my experience with the zk framework.

My next big project ‘openTruuls ‘will use these frameworks and supported clustered environment. I plan to open the sources in a dual licencing model like other applications/frameworks too. First there will be a public community version for freely using. Second an enterprise version with commercial support. Further we will offer these multi-tenant solution on a hosted SaaS (Software as a Service) model.

Are you truuls ?

openTruuls™ be part of it.

If you need help by your zk framework  integration you can hire me worldwide.

Stephan Gerth

PS: Help to prevent the global warming by writing cool software


  1. Tom Yeh says:

    Hi Stephan,

    Great to know you are opening a blog to share your experiences of using ZK. Clustering and SaaS both are interesting and challenging. Looking forward to your blogs.


  2. scerro says:

    Hi Terry,

    How are you?

    have you got a job? I mean… are you working? I work for an spanish company build web application in Java. Now we are implenting Zkoss for some customers, and I think I could sent you some littles works you could do(of course paying) if you are not working or if you got free time and you are interested, let me know.

    I am working in a ZKoss spanish blog too.


  3. […] Stephan Gerth wird sich in seinem Vortrag mit dem ZK Ajax Web Framework beschäftigen, hierzu liest man unter t3n: Das ZK Ajax Web Framework verfügt über eine ajax-basierte Engine, XUL und XHTML-Komponenten und eine eigene Markupsprache (ZUML), mit der moderne Webanwendungen entwickelt werden können. Mit dem Event-getriebenen Java-Framework ist es beabsichtigt Rich User Interfaces für Webapplikationen zu ermöglichen. Die Entwicklung soll dabei so einfach wie das Desktop-Programming oder …mehr […]

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