Only a few weeks until we open the sources for openTruuls™

At time we work hard on the codes for our new child called openTruuls™. It’s a business solution in the big field of the erp/crm software market. The multi-tenancy web-application is easy to extend for third party developers. It’s build to run in a clustered environment. For higher scaling the tenant/user/security database are separated from the tenants work data.  So our goal is to offer this solution for smaller and middle sized firms as SaaS (Software as a Service) in a hosted environment. For using this system by in house servers in the customers firm we can offer the install, modify or extending of the solution and support them. openTruuls™ openTruuls™ is an open source business application. It comes as a community edition or an enterprise edition with support.  The application self is build on the MVC (model-view-controller) pattern on a stable stack of open source JAVA frameworks. For the frontend that runs in all common used browsers we select the great java AJAX web framework from Potix corp. the zk framework  .. Spring, hibernate, hibernate-generic-dao are working in the middle layer. Out of the box the app will run against a PostgreSQL database. Running against mySQL,  DB2, Informix, Sybase, SQL Server, Oracle or other Hibernate supported databases are doing by modifying the mapping files. For the reporting we use at time JasperReports with DynamicJasper. openTruuls have a full customizable rights management build on top of the spring security framework. Customers can define own access levels for their users and third party developers can easy extend their new written or modified modules with additional rights. In the case of financial accounting we have at first adopt a DATEV compatible accounting module for the german market with pre-defined charts of accounts for the SKR 03 and SKR 04.



System Manager

System Manager

openTruuls™ openTruuls™ SaaS Manager

Interested people/partners write us under sge(at)oxitec(dot)de

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Stephan Gerth

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  1. lupino says:

    Mr.Stephan, you have uploaded in Google Code two demo project using ZK framework, I do not find them no more.
    Would you please share them with me. Thank you in advance

  2. admin says:

    The projects are hostet on

    Zksample2 project:
    Zksample2 Documentation:


  3. mcaronis says:

    Hi Stephan

    I just finished translating the zkexample to Portuguese – Brazil and I wonder if you would like to receive the translation.

    I saw here the “Only a few weeks until we open the sources for openTruuls™”. It was posted almost three years ago and there is no other news about it. I’ld like to know if the sources where open or not and if yes how can I get it.

    Thank you.

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