10. Web Monday in Magdeburg (11.10.2010)

WebMonday in Magdeburg

10. WebMonday in Magdeburg

On Monday i was speeking in Magdeburg on the WebMonday event about the zk framework.

It’s a nice event that take place every second monday in a month in many bigger cities worldwide. Here you can follow the speeches and meet some other guys who are interesting in Web Development.

This monday we have about 4 lectures and all speakers have only 15 minutes time for presenting their lecture and 15 minutes for questions and answers about their theme. I failed. It’s not possible to talk about zk in 15 minutes. I need 10 minutes more and i have luck. No one shoot me.

10. Web Monday

nice living room atmosphere


1. Suggy ( all guys from suggy )
2. InfoVis & OpenData ( Gregor Aisch )
3. Template Toolkit 2 ( Alexander Dahl )
4. ZK Ajax Web Framework ( Stephan Gerth )

For all visitors who wants to know more about the webMondays in Magdeburg follow these link.

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