How to customize a spring-security form-login. Part 5

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Samples are hostet in the Zksample2 project on


  1. joredva says:

    Greetings Stephan
    Congratulations for your articles have helped me a lot in my project.
    Please direct me as will unit this functionality in the version of Zksample2,
    my thanks advance
    Jorge Vallejo

  2. jaider2523 says:


    Very good post, I could start in the mine, but still does not work, I write to see if I can guide a bit, look at my problem:
    I have a file for a project where I iomplementar spring security, but I’ve tried and does not work, here emplo I put a file in which you connect to database, I recognize the user and its assigned role but not access the pages, please who can review it and tell me where is the error …. because I lost a long time and I could not get it to work properly.

    Ideally, the system validates the user with access permissions according to an assigned role, I have all DAO structure and function but the spring configuration is not working … In console can see the recognition process when run the project.

    Download project:

    Database: or
    Project: or

    My email is


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