New ZK sample application sources available

Yesterday we have checked in our new Zksample2 application as maven2 projects on
It’s shows how you can build a robust and scalable enterprise web application by integrating commonly used frameworks like Hibernate, Spring, Spring-AOP, Spring-Security, JasperReports with the ZK Java web framework.
You can reach the project homepage under the link here .

You will find there 3 eclipse maven subprojects and the folder for the documentation.

1. KeyGenZkoss = one-time-password generator
2. spring-hibernate-backend = backend
3. zkoss = frontend
4. zksample2_doc = documentation

The Documentation you can download seperately as a pdf-file from here .

The documentation is a work in progress so be sure to check sometimes for the newest file.

For checkout and evaluate or work with the application please download and read first the documentation.

Mainly changes to the first sample app are:
– change project structure as maven2 projects
– spring managed frontend
– securing methods with annotations @Secured() with our own implementation
– login statistic
– several integration options of ipToCountry
– one-time-password sources are opened
– Refactoring all Domain/DAO/Service Classes to english names
– many many code changes
– Revised PagedListWrapper
– documentation

We whish all fun with it and hope that it can be usefull for others.

Authors: Stephan Gerth & Björn Bruhns

Samples are hostet in the Zksample2 project on

PS: Help to prevent the global warming by writing cool software

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