New All-In ZKoss Sample Application

Today i have checked in a ZKoss sample application in the google subversion repository that uses following frameworks:

  • Spring
  • Spring-Security (i have extended the rights management upon a group/group-rights and loaded all from a table, for allow customizing without a new tomcat start while i’m not using therefore the configuration file.)
  • Hibernate as an ORM.
  • JasperReports for reporting.
  • Generic-Hibernate-DAO for creating hql queries from a search-object. Used for all listboxes.
  • H2 DB v1.1.15 for a easier demo mode, which is started and filled with demo-data by deploying the application on tomcat.
    • You can checked out both as Eclipse 3.4 projects here:

      The Frontend
      The Backend

      Samples are hostet in the Zksample2 project on

      Have fun with it.

      Stephan Gerth


      PS: Help to prevent the global warming by writing cool software

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