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openTruuls™ will become Business Process Management from jBoss

The opening of the sources of openTruuls™  ( . powered ) will delayed a little bit because we will integrate jBPM5 (Business Process Management) Drools (Business Rules) and the Guvnor repository from jBoss.

In fact, we will prevent that there comes many needed code modifications/adaptions in future for special industries so we do early our best and take therefore the big step by integrating a professional BPM system where the developer can modify most of such things separate in a workflow. jBPM5 works BPMN 2.0 standard compliant.

In this case i will speak a welcome to Anton from Hannover(Germany) who joins the core developer team.

Interested people/partners write us under zk(at)forsthaus(dot)de


Stephan Gerth